There are undying traditions in Blackpool that has made it a popular place to visit in London. Because of our love for Blackpool, we decided to highlight the spots that made Blackpool what it is today. At the Alvon Hotel, we celebrate Blackpool, its traditions, and its people.

Blackpool often gets labelled as a party town, with raucous parties until the early morning hours. In spite of some negative publicity, the town is still a very popular tourist attraction. There is much to do for groups, adults, and children.

Blackpool boasts loads of entertainment, from an A-class aquarium to a theme park with some monster rollercoasters. Zoos are not as popular as they used to be, but animal lovers will be pleased to see cared-for animals in the local zoo.

The theme park is for the enjoyment of young and old, and the location is excellent for going straight off the beach onto a ride. At The New Alvon Hotel, you can read about what to take on your journey, what you will receive at the hotel, and the type of food on the menus.

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