How to book a room in a Blackpool hotel

At The New Alvon Hotel, we aim to please. You might have booked your hotels in Blackpool many times and know what you want. In case you don’t, here are some tips from our lovely staff.

Decide on the dates

The ideal time to visit Blackpool is in the summer running from June to August. Blackpool is famous for its beach activities, festivals, and fun park by the coast. So, summer days are best to enjoy these outdoor attractions.

Most tourists visit Blackpool from around the middle of March to October. For travellers preferring a quieter time, it would be October, September, and March.

Look at the weather

Blackpool’s maritime temperate climate means it never gets too hot, and summer days are warm and pleasant. But Blackpool also has many indoor attractions like The Grand Theatre. It also rains throughout the year, with the heaviest falls in October. The wettest time is between September and November. April has the lowest rainfalls.

Attractions on the itinerary

It is wise for travellers to look at the different attractions they want to visit and find a hotel nearby. With many choices, visitors can find the hotel nearest to their preferred interests and cut on travelling time.

Transport considerations

Some hotels have no parking but close-by public transport options like trams. So, whether visitors will use their own or public transport can also influence their choices.

Booking websites

There is a variety of booking sites for hotels in Blackpool. On the list of trusted sites are,,, and Most of these sites allow travellers to make a booking in advance and supply a date when the client can cancel the booking at no cost.

The site combining it all

The New Alvon Hotel puts all the information in one package, and you can contact staff for more details about a specific hotel.

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