Blackpool is a city that does not sleep

The new Alvon Hotel’s goal is to give visitors to Blackpool beach all the information they need to make their visit pleasurable.

Blackpool is a hub of entertainment

After London, Blackpool is the second most-visited city in England. There is a great deal of entertainment in the area around the promenade, where visitors can stay in hotels with beautiful views or visit nearby sites by train or tram.

Despite the city’s bad rap for being an unhealthy area, it still pulls visitors from all over to enjoy old traditions, enjoy the park on the promenade, or watch the Blackpool Illuminations.

Pubs and restaurants

Blackpool has an abundance of pubs and restaurants, and Stag and Hen parties became so rowdy that business owners try to discourage locals from having it. But some, like The Manchester Pub and Shenanigans, are great venues for a wild night out.

Exciting entertainment

The Blackpool Illuminations are a big attraction in Blackpool, and it takes 14 weeks to take down the 200 miles of wiring, capable of showing off 500 designs.

Guide for unforgettable events

Visitors can choose from what the locals have on offer by looking at the VisitBlackpool What’s On guide. From haunted houses on Halloween to coastal events, Blackpool is ready to entertain.

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