Best hotels for Stag and Hen parties

Stag and Hen parties are a common sight in Blackpool. They are so popular that there are event planners focusing on giving the groom and bride and friends the time of their lives. Separate, of course, for the last time.

The Sandringham Court

To have a great party for a Stag or Hen party, people need a conference room to throw a bash. They will probably end up in one of the local pubs and can then return to comfortable en-suite bedrooms. The bar with a pool table is available until they finally hit the floor.

Other amenities making this a great venue is the onsite parking, a lively sports bar, a function room, and evening entertainment.

The Norwood Hotel

Another great hotel because of its bar lounge is the Norwood Hotel, with 36 en-suite bedrooms, and great breakfasts. The hotel also offers snacks and drinks around the clock.

The hotel is also perfect for work trips, sports tours, and birthday celebrations. Booking can be made with Tangering Hotels Ltd on phone number 01253 790909.

Hen and Stag Party Hotel

With this name for the hotel, one can assume they go all out to cater for raucous parties, where partygoers romp until the wee hours of the night as if it might be the very last time, they get the opportunity. And indeed, if one looks at the pictures, this is where a party can happen, all right!

Black lights, a fully stocked bar, pool table, and dance floor ensures all the elements are present for a party leading to needed medics the following day.

For couples about to tie the knot, loop the noose, tie the tails, Blackpool is clearly the place to do it.

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